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Success stories Humana, Employer Group Marketing

Humana's Employer Group Marketing team turned to Coffey to develop a diverse and dynamic suite of assets. The goal: Engage small-business owners on the topic of group health insurance. Humana had a strategic plan, but they needed Coffey's expertise to create the assorted assets. They wanted this custom content to address, with understanding and empathy, the business challenges of their audience.

Direct mail

In an increasingly busy digital world, direct mail can stand out. It's a tangible resource that can prompt action. That's why this traditional solution was high on Humana's list. In previous campaigns, they had sent direct mail letters to small-business owners, but the team wanted a fresh, engaging spin that also reflected Humana's most recent branding.

Coffey's editorial and design team worked closely with Humana to strike the right tone and look. Concise and compelling messaging promoted the upside of employee health insurance. And calls to action were clear and prominent. The results were positive. In a head-to-head test, the new letter outperformed the previous version and was used exclusively for future mailings.

Funnel campaigns

As part of their strategy, Humana's team also wanted email funnel campaigns—and digital resources—to help convert prospects into customers.

What they didn't want: the expected sales pitch. They envisioned messaging and tools that were helpful, reassuring, and easy to use and understand. They wanted this custom content to provide real value, so prospects could move forward with confidence.

Coffey's team—including writers, editors, designers and programmers—worked on a wide variety of projects to fulfill this strategic vision. That included, among others:

  • Multi-stage emails for nurturing prospects along the buyer's journey.
  • An interactive online plan finder.
  • Downloadable resources and educational content.

Coffey's ability to listen, adapt and manage complex processes and deliverables kept Humana's unique project moving forward.

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