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Success stories Medical City Healthcare

In order to stand out in a crowded market, Medical City Healthcare knew their community magazine, Take Care, had to be friendly, not formal, and have the visual and storytelling appeal of a newsstand lifestyle magazine, not a marketing brochure. So they gave Coffey this mission when they asked us to design the prototype: Make something so good people can't bear to toss it out.

A collaborative prototype process

First, we took a deep dive into Medical City Healthcare's brand. That involved getting familiar with their identity standards, researching their health system and market online, and peppering them with questions in an in-depth "getting to know you" session.

We also shared a selection of style tiles—snapshots of possible design approaches to explore. It's a great way to get a feel for a client's aesthetic preferences and help guide the discussion around their design goals.

With that information, we crafted a prototype with strong cover options that would stand apart from Medical City Healthcare's competitors—and inside pages that would clearly communicate the modern, clean and classy feel they were aiming for.

Then, based on their feedback, we refined the prototype even further to arrive at the finished design. The entire process was highly collaborative and calculated to make sure their magazine delivered on their big initial ask.

Planning and production support

In addition to designing each new issue to the high standards set by the prototype, Coffey collaborates with Medical City on the editorial planning. With their topics in hand, a Coffey editor pitches packaging ideas and content from our library that can enhance their compelling patient stories, strong local photos and clear calls to action.

The result: A magazine with strong individual style that reflects Medical City's unique brand.

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