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Sometimes, the most effective way to promote a service line is to give consumers content that supports—but doesn't aggressively push—your program. That's what the team at Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic discovered, as they worked with Coffey on a print marketing product for their senior program, Mercy LIFE.

Editorial planning

Mercy LIFE provides free support to eligible seniors in need of medical services and help with activities of daily living. To Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic, the program is really about serving the community. So a publication that shared that same goal—of being helpful—seemed like a better fit than a heavily promotional approach.

While she believes in the value of the publication, Jenna Karwoski, Director of Marketing and Communications at Mercy LIFE, doesn't have a lot of time to devote to content planning and strategy.

So Coffey's editorial team stepped in to help. Before each edition of More@Mercy goes into production, an editor develops an editorial plan. With that plan in place, Karwoski can focus on the other parts of her job that need attention, while her publication moves forward as planned.

Custom writing

A highlight of the publication is the participant profile that leads each issue. Our writers conduct interviews and craft fascinating stories about Mercy LIFE's participants. These stories entertain while they gently encourage people to enroll.

Coffey fills the rest of the publication with articles of particular interest to seniors. We cover topics they need to understand in order to stay active and healthy at home. And the topics often subtly tie in to the kinds of support readers might receive if they enroll in the program.

Measurable ROI

Coffey weaves strategic calls to action throughout each edition of More@Mercy. That gives the Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic team a great deal of information to measure. And the results have been spectacular.

According to Karwoski, visits to the website rise whenever a new issue is released. And calls to the call center also increase.

"I can always tell when the publication is hitting homes, because I see requests for information rise," Karwoski says. "Since the publication's inception, we have enrolled many seniors in the program and the ROI is clear to me.

"The Coffey team is not only reliable and resourceful, they are 100% invested in the product," Karwoski says. "They are innovative and consistently create interesting newsletters that speak to Mercy LIFE's specific audience. Coffey's newsletters play a vital role in achieving our business goals."

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