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Website designPrint and direct mailHealthcare marketing strategy2 min read Are QR codes still relevant in 2021?

In fact, QR codes are perhaps even more popular than before!

May 24, 2021The Coffey Team

Simply put, Quick Response (QR) codes connect people to information.

The two-dimensional barcode was developed in Japan in 1994 and first used in Japan’s automotive industry. It gained popularity in the early 2000s but seemed to all but vanish in the past five or six years.

Enter the COVID-19 pandemic and suddenly QR codes are making a huge comeback for things like contactless payment, no-touch menus, contactless registration, contactless delivery and more.

QR codes for marketing

QR codes, created using a QR code generator online, can hold different types of data. So in addition to using QR codes for patient registration and contactless payment, you can offer your healthcare consumers information on your services and events and make it accessible instantly on their phones.

It is projected that more than 11 million American households will scan QR codes by the end of this year. Why? Because they conveniently and instantly connect people to the information you want them to know. To scan QR codes, a smartphone user only needs to point his camera at the QR code and tap on the notification that appears to access the information associated with the barcode.

Bridging online and offline media

A well-executed QR code can be incorporated into any marketing campaign. Here are just a few ideas of the many ways QR codes can enhance your marketing strategy:

  • Share your social media accounts. When a QR code is scanned, the consumer is led directly to your organization’s profile, where they can then hit the button to interact with you. Each social media platform has their version of a QR code which often allows for branding.
  • Ask for reviews or feedback. A QR code on your website, marketing materials, direct mail and email can encourage your consumers to easily leave feedback on your services or clinicians.
  • Provide information. Promote classes, vaccines, health fairs and other events as well as your service lines. Link to a landing page for special campaigns when you want to capture conversions.

Best practices

Keep in mind that you should have a goal when using QR codes. They should be used to improve consumer or patient experience rather than because they’re trending. Incorporate the code into a design and be sure to add a call to action (CTA). A QR code without a CTA is a wasted opportunity. And be sure to track the codes so you know how your campaign is performing.

If you’re ready to incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy, our team can help. We can provide experts in healthcare marketing strategy, websites and content creation. Call 888.805.9101 or email us to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals.