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2 min read Print is 'in' with millennials—here’s why it matters to you

Marketing to millennials? Learn why direct mail works.

May 12, 2022The Coffey Team

Here's something you probably thought you'd never hear: Millennials like the printed word, and that includes direct mail.

A trusted source of information

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), direct mail is hot again. And that's thanks in no small part to young people, who are more likely to see email as the "junk mail" of their generation. That translates to millennials trusting printed materials more than they trust email.

Direct mail also gets noticed more than email. Young people may get hundreds of emails a day in their inbox. But how many pieces of printed mail show up in their mailbox daily? Only a handful.

Other reasons direct mail is hot again with millennials and all other age groups, according to the SBA and other experts:

Direct mail gets shared. Email goes to just one person in a house full of people. Direct mail gets shared with everyone who lives there. It gives all the recipients the opportunity to weigh in on what they've read. According to InfoTrends, millennials consider reading direct mail a leisure activity.

Direct mail has a longer life span. It takes only a few seconds to scan and delete an email. But according to RetailWire, direct mail has an average life span of 17 days.

So why is reaching out to millennials important for healthcare marketers? Millennials are not only seeking primary care for themselves, but many times they are a healthcare decision maker for their family as well. Often faced with helping to care for both their parents and their growing family, millennials are actively researching the choices they have in healthcare.

Make your mailer work for you

The SBA offers this advice for making your direct mail piece work for you:

Target the right people. You want your print piece to reach people who have heard of you. According to the SBA, 54% of consumers will discuss mail from a brand they've heard of but have not used before. If you have competition from other hospitals or physician services, your direct mail materials can catch the eye of potential new patients.

Design for millennials. Style your direct mail like Instagram posts—brief text, streamlined layout and outstanding photography. One study found that one quarter of adults 25 to 34 years old say they open direct mail because of the print and image quality.

Source: Irresistible Mail

Create landing pages for your mailer. According to the SBA, 75% of people who make purchasing or other decisions based on direct mail also go online for more information. So make it easy for your user: Add a QR code that directs to a unique landing page, where you can track responses. In less than one click, users can be on your site to register for an event or take a quiz.

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