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Your website redesign roadmap

Every website Coffey designs is custom built to your organizational goals, patient audiences and service area. 

Setting the stage for your project

Let's get things started!

  • We'll hold a kick-off meeting to introduce you to your Coffey team.
  • Following those introductions, we'll schedule a design and discovery meeting for prototyping and the content audit.
  • Based on your desired go-live date, we'll establish a project timeline.

Things for you to consider

  • Decide on your internal stakeholders for each specific phase of the website process.
  • Provide branding guidelines and any additional marketing collateral.
  • Give Coffey access to your analytics (Google or other vendor) account.
  • Provide goals and key performance indicators for your website.
  • Give Coffey as much context as possible before the discovery call. This will help us provide the most value possible to you. Let us know about things like possible missing content, new service lines you’re planning to add or areas where your internal team has flagged content as outdated.

What to watch for

  • Make sure key members of your team are available for meetings.
  • Too many people involved in the project can often delay the approval process.
  • Scheduling meetings can be tricky, especially if there are many stakeholders involved.

Phase results

  • Full schedule built and mutually agreed upon for content, development and site build.
  • Project goals documented.

Getting the design just right

Next up for the Coffey team

  • We'll conduct design brief and discovery meetings.
  • Establish design goals.
  • Create and present two design prototype options.

What to watch for

  • Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page with the redesign. There will likely be differing opinions on design that can make approval challenging. Your Coffey team will support you as needed with data around user experience and design best practices.

Your to-do list

  • Provide feedback during the design brief and discovery meeting.
  • Approve the final prototype.

Phase results

  • Website designs with mobile iterations approved.

Let's build this thing!

Things are getting real

  • The Coffey team takes the approved designs and develops the website in Site Assist, Coffey’s content management system (CMS).

What's on your list?

  • The Coffey team will meet with you bi-weekly to keep you apprised of website progress. Maintaining momentum during this phase is important as you're gathering information to send over to the website build team re: providers, locations, photos and videos.

What to watch for

  • Very few roadblocks typically occur during this phase. 

Phase results

  • Site ready for content to be built into it.

Content build out

What the Coffey team is up to

  • Populating website and modules with content.
  • Providing staging link of the website for review.

Your input needed!

  • Providing any content that is still missing from the site.
  • Providing initial feedback of the staging link.

What to watch for

  • It’s important to stick to the content plan. Missed content deadlines can significantly delay the build progress.

Phase results

  • Your new website is built out and ready for quality assurance reviews and testing.

Testing and approval

What Coffey is doing

  • Proofreading the website with your brand specifications in mind.
  • Checking links and testing across browsers and operating systems so that the website represents
  • well on any device.

What you are doing

  • Completing final review.
  • Providing final approval of the website.
  • Putting the Coffey team in touch with your IT department to finalize DNS changes for go-live.

What to watch for

  • Make sure to schedule enough time for your internal review and approval process to ensure that you’re able to go-live on schedule.
  • Revisions and late content changes during this phase can impact the go-live schedule.

Phase results

  • Site approved and ready to go live.

Go-live and training

The Coffey team is completing final details

  • We'll configure live site settings, including secure certificate, site search and search indexing.
  • The digital team will conduct training for key stakeholders in Site Assist.

Your team hops in the driver's seat

  • You'll attend training sessions and follow up with your Project Coordinator with any questions or additional staff that need access to Site Assist.

What to watch for

  • Our protocol is to take sites live on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Phase results

  • Your new website is live, and your initial training on Site Assist and specific modules is complete!

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