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Click-worthy content: Healthcare social media issue

Posted on: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

By now, it's clear that social media isn't a fad. It's a deeply entrenched part of our daily lives.

This week, we share some links that can help you stay current on the latest social tools and trends.

Spending more time on social? Your hospital isn't alone

Hospitals' Commitment to Social Media Grows (FierceHealthcare)

This article focuses on Ohio hospitals, but in our experience, the findings apply to hospitals all across the country. Hospitals are spending more time, effort and money on social media for the purposes of health education, branding, marketing and fundraising.

12 Facebook tips for healthcare marketers

6 New Facebook Features Marketers Need to Know (Social Media Today)

6 Lesser Known Facebook Features You Should Be Using (Social Media Today)

These 2 articles from Social Media Today will give you some great insights on how to make the most of your hospital's Facebook presence.

A case for staying current on social media

Social Media: Why Pediatricians Need to Keep Up With the Latest Platforms (Cleveland Clinic)

While your hospital's healthcare providers may find this article particularly interesting, there's information here that may be useful to healthcare marketers who need to reach young people.

Adding Instagram to your hospital's social media mix

Why Instagram Should Be Part of Every Business (The Next Web)

If you're not already on Instagram, the idea of adding yet another social channel to your marketing mix might feel overwhelming. But consider this: "[Instagram] currently has 50 times the engagement rate over Facebook with Instagram users being the most invested and engaged in content across all social media channels."

Check out this article for more information about why you should be on Instagram and some tips for doing great work there.

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