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3 min read Play the name game: 5 things to keep in mind when naming your healthcare publication

The right title could make your member publication compelling. And that could make more readers read the words you write. Here's how to get the right name.

January 14, 2020

The Coffey Team

Chances are, you want the members of your health plan to read every single word of the publication you send them. Each page is filled with information about your benefits, your services and their health. It's all vital.

So is the name of your member communications piece.

The right title will spark members' interest in your magazine or newsletter. But what makes for a compelling name—and how can you come up with the right one for your brand? It’s something we think about often here at Coffey. Here's a peek at what we've discovered.

Get the right healthcare publication name in 5 steps

It would be great if the perfect idea popped up out of nowhere. (And hey, sometimes it happens!) But most of the time, a smart title takes some research and brainstorming.

These steps can help you find one that jibes with your audience and aligns with your brand.

1. Take a peek at your competitors.

A competitive analysis is a great place to start. The names your competitors use are off-limits to you (obviously), so you'll have a list of terms to avoid.

But those names could spark inspiration. And, doing your homework will give you an idea of what might be working for audiences similar to yours.

2. Begin the brainstorming process.

Keeping your branding guidelines in mind can steer you towards a name that stands out—and shares your company's unique perspective.

Think about how your overall mission and vision sets you apart. Are there words in your official branding statements that you could play off of in a publication title?

3. Consider your content.

A title that emphasizes the theme of personal health and wellness is essential. These are the sorts of words that help readers understand what's inside your member communications piece. A name that includes these words is enticing, and it reads less like an advertisement.

For general publications you plan to send to all of your members, keep the name broad. It'll give you more room to address lots of different topics. For more targeted content—including disease management newsletters—a name that's a bit more specific can help you grab the attention of your intended audience.

4. Think about naming best practices.

When it comes to length, short should be the name of the game. A title that's just one or a few words long feels snappier. Shorter titles also lead to more compelling covers.

If you can't encompass everything you want to say in a super-short title, add a tagline. These extra words, placed beneath your formal title in smaller type, can help you to get your key messages across.

Also, aim to strike the right tone. Good health is important—but talking about it shouldn't feel heavy or stuffy. A successful name will feel approachable and upbeat. It's ok to be smart or witty too, as long as you're confident your readers will get the message.

5. Focus test your favorite picks.

Once you have a few solid contenders, get some feedback from your members to see what they respond to. Present a focus group with different options and ask which one they like the best (and the least). Don't have time to run a formal focus group? Consider performing a poll on social media. You'll get a lot of feedback very quickly.

If you find a clear winner, try to uncover what made that name special. Did the name make your readers feel empowered to take charge of their health or curious to learn more about wellness? This sort of information can also give you an idea of what readers expect to learn from your publication—and that can help you craft stronger content!

Make the most of your investment

Choosing the right name takes time, energy and effort. Don't let that go to waste. Work with a team of experts who can help you make your healthcare publication look great. And tap into a team of writers, editors and copy editors who can transform your ideas into compelling copy. Ready to get started? We are. Contact us.

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