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Work values

Part of developing a collaborative work environment means hiring team members who portray our mission and values.

At Coffey, we have established three values that represent our best employees. Those values are humbleness, diligence and applied curiosity.


Humble employees help companies innovate and expand through a willingness to learn and work with others. Being humble means that you have the perspective to see that you are as valuable as others and that the needs of others are as important as your own.

At Coffey, humbleness means the following:

  • Complimenting or praising colleagues without hesitation.
  • Easily admitting to mistakes.
  • Willingness to take on lower-level work for the good of the team.
  • Gladly sharing credit for team accomplishments.
  • Readily acknowledging weaknesses.
  • Offering and accepting apologies graciously.


Being diligent means having persevering determination, which results in employees accomplishing goals and achieving success. The benefit of diligence is a meaningful life and a sense of fulfillment.

At Coffey, diligence means the following:

  • Enjoying being accountable and showing initiative.
  • Feeling a sense of personal responsibility for the overall success of the team.
  • Willingness to take on tedious or challenging tasks whenever necessary.
  • Working carefully, persistently and with a sensitivity to the minor details of a task.
  • Devoting the necessary time and energy to a job and taking pride in a job well done.

Applied curiosity

Applied curiosity is about using curiosity as a strategic tool to solve problems. With applied curiosity, employees can increase influence, inspire innovation and improve accuracy of judgment in the workplace.   

At Coffey, applied curiosity means the following:

  • Asking questions like how, what, when, where and why.
  • Enjoying discovery and applying the discovery to improve and grow.
  • Listening without judgment.
  • Showing curiosity by being engaged and present in conversations and discussions.
  • Dedicating time, energy and effort to understand how things work.

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