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You know that the true value of any vendor relationship will be measured through results. The Coffey team understands this, too, and begins every project with your goals at the forefront. What actions are you looking for your audience to take? What deliverables are necessary to the C-suite in making decisions on the success of this initiative or campaign?

We'll collaborate on how best to achieve those results for your specific market, and we'll tailor our approach to match your needs.

Whatever your desired outcome, partnering with the Coffey team moves you closer to your goals.

Our track record of delivering valuable content, websites and publications to the healthcare market shows that we understand how to boost patient engagement and foster robust connections with your local communities.

Confronting the nursing shortage

Here is a look at what some Coffey clients—hospitals and health systems—have done to boost their efforts to hire more nurses.

Here are some examples of where Coffey brings value:

Conquer staffing challenges

Hiring is a hot topic within healthcare, and our clients have experienced the same staffing shortages as have been reported across the nation. A number of Coffey clients have promoted their nursing hiring challenges using their publications, as well as their websites.

Oswego Health wanted to make a splash in the job market, attracting applicants across their open positions. They chose to do this with a dedicated careers page on their website.

Keep your community in the know throughout projects

Southeast Georgia Health System (SGHS) kicked off a $140 million construction project at its Brunswick Campus in 2018. They worked with Coffey to keep their community updated in the years since the launch.

Fresh and timely updates help keep donors engaged

SGHS used their Coffey publication to help keep the public up to speed on the project—especially when progress was not visible to them.

Small-scale websites can help set foundations apart

Your website most likely includes a section about your foundation already. But if you really want to showcase the great work they do, why not give your foundation its own mini website?

Bring brand awareness to your foundation

A minisite gives your foundation a distinctive presence on the web, and help set it apart.

Increase visibility for your doctors

Kootenai Health's approach helps patients connect by including questions that reveal something about each physician's personality, hobbies, family and career inspirations.

A warm way to introduce physicians

Doctors are real people with passions and personalities that can make them more relatable to potential patients. That's something to keep in mind when introducing new physicians to your community.