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A warm way to introduce physicians

Doctors are more than their framed medical degrees hanging on their clinic walls. They're real people with passions and personalities that can make them more relatable to potential patients. That's something to keep in mind when introducing new physicians to your community.

Here's an example of how one of Coffey's clients—Kootenai Health—used this approach when showcasing some of their new providers.

From a design standpoint, the package is appealing. It includes eye-catching photos, lots of warm smiles, and scannable text in a question-and-answer format that reads like an informal conversation over coffee.

Notice how the questions aren't about medical training, residencies and fellowships. Obviously those things are important. But potential patients may also want to get to know the human side of providers and whether a particular provider is someone they can connect with.

Kootenai Health's approach helps patients connect by including questions that reveal something about each physician's personality, hobbies, family and career inspirations. As a result, the compassion and warmth of these health professionals really shines through—and potential patients may notice and say: Now that's a doctor for me!