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Bring brand awareness to your foundation

As a health care marketer, you know the importance of highlighting your hospital foundation's work and engaging the donor community. Your website most likely includes a section about your foundation already. But if you really want to showcase the great work they do, why not give your foundation its own mini website?

What's a minisite?

A minisite (also called a microsite) usually exists outside your main website. It typically has its own domain and design and just a few pages.

Whereas your main website is a gateway to all of your service lines and programs, a minisite helps you share content focused on just one aspect of your organization—in this case, your foundation.

Why a minisite?

A minisite gives your foundation a distinctive presence on the web. In other words, it can help set it apart. A minisite can help potential donors:

  • Quickly find what they want without having to navigate all the other content on your main site.
  • Stay engaged with messages that are all related to a topic they care about.

Your minisite can have the branding of your foundation, although you may want to ensure that it doesn't stray too far from your organization's brand.

What might you put on your minisite? Here are some of the types of foundation-specific content that Coffey's clients have used:

  • A "Give Now" donation button.
  • Infographics that help show your fundraising progress or the impact of giving by the numbers.
  • Sections or pages that describe giving opportunities and ways to give.
  • Photographs or videos that help share the story of your fundraising visually.
  • Grateful patient testimonials.
  • Opportunities to thank a caregiver.
  • News about upcoming galas and other fundraising events.

Spotlight a fundraising campaign

You can use a minisite to highlight your foundation's work overall. But another option is to create a campaign-specific minisite. This site could live on your foundation minisite or stand on its own.

A minisite can create greater visibility and better brand awareness for your foundation by setting it apart from your main hospital site.

A campaign-specific minisite is (you guessed it) focused on a capital campaign you're launching, such as for an expansion project. You can take the site offline once your campaign is complete.

"A minisite can create greater visibility and better brand awareness for your foundation by setting it apart from your main hospital site," says Karly Reiber, Web Designer and Front-End Developer at Coffey Communications. "A minisite allows for more flexibility in design and branding and can help deliver dedicated, specific messaging to a more targeted audience."