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Print and direct mail2 min read 3 must-haves for a great healthcare publication

Giving your publication a regular review can help you hook readers and stand out in a crowded mailbox.

August 15, 2019Doug Nichols, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Bills, flyers, greeting cards…there's a lot of competition in your readers' mailboxes. If you want your healthcare magazine or newsletter to stand out, it needs to catch the eye—and keep readers' attention. You can make sure your publication is doing both by giving it a periodic checkup.

What every healthcare magazine or newsletter needs

Get up close and personal with your publication. Ask yourself if it has:

1. Dazzling design. From a knockout cover to stunning spreads, excellent design engages readers—and familiarizes them with your brand. Styles evolve quickly, so a design that was cutting-edge just a few years ago may appear dated today. Take a fresh look at your publication, with a special focus on the cover. Is the photography attractive? Are the teasers compelling? Your cover is the most important hook to the content inside. Make sure you give readers a reason to turn the page.

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2. Captivating healthcare content. Start with headlines and teasers—do yours draw readers in? On average, about 80 percent of people read only the headline. But an attention-grabbing one can make them stop and read more.

Next, sample some of the stories in recent issues. Are they written in a warm and caring tone? Is the information useful and easy to read? Are the benefits to readers clear? These are key questions to ask when evaluating content.

At Coffey, we strive to make sure all the healthcare content we create provides value to readers. We made a handy poster you can download and use to help you evaluate your content.

Pro tip: Encourage interaction. Use your magazine or newsletter to help push readers to your social media, website, blog and e-newsletters.

3. Tools for measuring success. You want to know if your publication is valuable to readers. One way to do that is with trackable phone numbers and publication-specific URLs. These let you know what calls to action are most relevant with your readers. And they provide hard data to members of your organization. If your publication is lacking these valuable tools—or you're using them sparingly—then you're missing out on crucial information.

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Borrow a fresh set of eyes

Sometimes an outside perspective can lead your publication in a new and exciting direction. Coffey's experts can offer the expertise you need to deliver a publication your readers will love. We'd love to show you what we can do. Just contact us and let's get started.