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Healthcare content2 min read 4 C's for effective healthcare content marketing

Healthcare marketers can use these 4 C's to create content that stands out in the marketplace and connects with consumers.

September 10, 2020

The Coffey Team

At Coffey, we never tire of talking about what makes great healthcare content. Hitting that mark drives our days. We know quality work makes a difference—for our clients and the people they serve.

Today, we bring you four simple words. You can use these 4 C's to create healthcare content that stands out in the marketplace and connects with consumers.

1. Compelling

With any healthcare content you put out, you're competing for attention. What's unique about what you have to say? What will matter most to your audience?

Make every piece of content you create, from a service line page to a newsletter article, prove that it deserves your reader's time. Deliver value, solve problems and tell stories—that's compelling.

For example, you're promoting a new oncologist. Talking about where she did a fellowship two decades ago is less powerful than the story of how she chose her calling after she lost her mother to cancer.

2. Clear

We can't say this enough: Use simple, familiar language in your healthcare content. When you work with administrators and clinicians, it's easy to fall into industry speak. Keep an eye out for unnecessary jargon.

Make sure calls to action are clear. Will people know what to do next?

3. Concise

The furiously fast clip of the internet has changed the way we consume media, online and in print. Even for good readers, long and dense blocks of text can be a signal to scroll or skim right by. That makes tight, uncluttered messaging more important than ever.

Be an advocate for brevity at every stage of the process.

During planning: Tighten the focus. For instance, rather than a story on comprehensive diabetes care, highlight a dietitian who helps people with diabetes eat better.
When writing: Set a word count and hit the mark.
While editing: Cut unnecessary words, phrases or even paragraphs.

4. Conversational

Maybe your healthcare content is clear and concise—but could a robot have written it? Modern consumers—particularly the majorities on social media—expect lively and friendly messaging.

Inject energy and personality into your copy. We're not saying be as informal as texts between friends (that wouldn't be gr8 advice, lol). But when the topic or format allows, lighten up and have some fun. For more sensitive subjects, you can use a warm tone and empathy to add a nice human touch.

Healthcare content marketing: It's our sole gig

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