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Healthcare content3 min read 4 ideas for localizing syndicated healthcare content

Get even more value out of syndicated health content by localizing it strategically.

June 19, 2020Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital EditorJosh Moulton, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Compelling and engaging content is an essential part of your healthcare marketing efforts. Your healthcare magazine, website, e-newsletter and social media feeds all depend on great content to engage readers and motivate them to take action.

It can take a lot of resources to create and maintain all the content you need. That's one reason that many healthcare marketers license syndicated health content.

One of the great things about these kinds of libraries is that they are ready to use without any work from you. But you can get even more value out of syndicated health content by localizing it strategically.

4 ways to give healthcare content a local feel

1. Add quotes from providers or patients. Quotes from your healthcare providers or from patients who've had a good experience at your organization can give a personal and distinctly local feel to a syndicated story.

On your website: Make sure to link to the provider's profile page from the quote. That way people will easily be able to learn more about the provider and find contact information.

In your magazine: Make your localized text stand out by including it as blurb or pull quote.

2. Add information about your community. Look for opportunities to bring unique value to syndicated health content by adding details that are relevant to the area where your audience lives.

This can be particularly useful for seasonal stories about things like sun safety.

On your website: Link to a community-specific resource, such as weather forecasts or the UV index.

In your magazine: Add a local photo to reinforce your message. For a sun safety story in your publication, for example, consider using a photo taken at a local park or another recognizable outdoor landmark.

3. Promote your local content. Syndicated health content can pair nicely with marketing collateral you create. For example, information about a new 3-D mammography machine would go well with a syndicated health story about the importance of breast cancer screening.

On your website: Add links to your content from the syndicated story—and vice versa.

In your magazine: Pair a syndicated story with a shorter sidebar that highlights one of your services, resources or providers. This can be a real time-saver if you already have the sidebar content written or have content from a brochure or other marketing piece that you can quickly repurpose.

4. Include a next step. Adding a custom call to action (CTA) to syndicated content can help you take a general wellness message and turn it into a specific invitation to use your services.

On your website: Look for ways to personalize CTAs. For example, if you have health assessments on your website, customize the CTA based on the risk factors that the person's assessment answers indicate that he or she has. (We have another blog post with additional ideas for creating compelling healthcare website CTAs.)

In your magazine: Look for opportunities to track response to the CTA. There are a number of ways you can do this. For example, you could include a unique, trackable phone number or include a custom URL that redirects to the appropriate landing page on your website.

Take a tour of Coffey's localizable content libraries

Coffey's digital and print healthcare libraries (we have versions for hospitals and health insurers) feature extensive localization opportunities. When you license our healthcare content, you also get the support of a dedicated team who can help you identify opportunities for localizing content and do the work for you. To learn more about Coffey's content services, call 888.805.9101 or email us.