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Healthcare marketing strategyPrint and direct mail2 min read 4 ways to use postcards in hospital marketing campaigns

A postcard printing project could give your healthcare marketing campaign added power. Learn when, and how, to use postcards.

May 18, 2020Sherilee Coffey, Director of Creative Operations

What key elements make up your hospital marketing plan? Community newsletters, healthcare websites, social media channels…. If you're using all of these marketing tools, your bases are covered, right?

Not quite.

There are times when important initiatives need special attention from hospital marketing teams. How can you make a campaign like this really stand out?

Postcard printing could make all the difference.

Good postcard ideas for hospital marketing programs

Consider using a postcard printing project to help you:

1. Make your community aware of your services.

Whether you're launching a new service line or hoping to promote an existing service line, printed postcards could help. Send a series of postcards that takes readers through a traditional marketing funnel:

  • Create awareness. Pick one medical condition treated by your service line and share information about prevalence or severity.
  • Prompt consideration. Discuss how screening programs can uncover the issue mentioned in your first postcard.
  • Push for action. Demonstrate why your organization is the ideal place to come for care.

A staggered campaign like this gives your readers several opportunities to interact with you. And sending them in sequence adds power through repetition.

2. Introduce a new physician.

Don't let a new doctor sit idle. Send your community a printed postcard that includes your doctor's name, credentials, location and availability. You could send a single postcard, or create a series by sending a follow-up card that includes information about the medical conditions your new doctor treats.

3. Announce a new location or grand opening.

Make sure your community knows about your new clinics, hospitals and other facilities. Send a printed postcard that includes a map and a trackable phone number, so people can come and check out what's new, and you can measure the results of your campaign.

If you're planning to hold a grand opening party or an open house celebration, include those details too.

4. Promote a health education class.

Fill the seats when you hold an event. Send a postcard that includes key information, such as:

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Cost.
  • Location.

Tie your digital campaign and print campaign together by including a link on the postcard to the class sign-up page on your website.

Follow best practices for printed postcards

To ensure that your printed-postcard promotions are as effective as possible, follow a few basic rules:

  • Keep the text short and snappy. Postcards are small, and you want the images to pop so your card will stand out in the mailbox.
  • Use clear calls to action. Determine what you want your readers to do when they're done reading your postcard. Make sure the action is stated clearly on the card.
  • Build in tracking. Trackable phone numbers, custom website addresses and other trackable elements make it easier to determine your return on investment. Be sure to put those elements in place at the beginning of the project.

Launch a hospital postcard project with ease

Printed postcards may be small, but coming up with the right text and a great design can mean a big time commitment. We can help. We're creating a series of postcards made for quick campaigns. Drop in your unique, custom details and launch a campaign in weeks not months. Contact us to find out more.