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Healthcare marketing strategySocial media2 min read 6 ways to keep up with changing consumer behavior and expectations

Staying ahead of the curve helps you expand your reach

May 13, 2021The Coffey Team

The abrupt shifts brought about by the pandemic only amplified what marketers have long known: Consumer preferences and values can turn on a dime. And staying ahead of the curve, while challenging, is key for meeting your metrics and expanding your reach.

Fortunately, technology makes learning about your healthcare consumers easier than ever. You just have to know where—and how—to look. Here are 6 smart strategies for keeping your finger on the ever-changing pulse.

  1. Take advantage of advanced analytics.

User data can give you a deeper look into your consumers’ needs, values and beliefs and how those change over time. So if you’re not already using the most powerful tracking tools, like Google Analytics 4, there’s no better time to start.

The software is designed to give marketers a detailed view of the consumer lifecycle across multiple platforms and devices in the face of changing privacy landscapes. Those insights are integral for understanding what your consumers want now—and predicting how they might behave in the future.

  1. Be present across devices.

Roughly half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices these days. Younger consumers, in particular, are more likely to interact with a brand or website from their phone. In other words, a weak mobile presence is a missed opportunity to gather insight from key demographics. If you’re unsure whether your site measures up, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can give you a free analysis.

  1. Start conversations on social.

Social media makes it possible to engage with your audience directly—and the opportunities go far beyond posting announcements or updates. Start regular conversations on topics that are important to your community and see what people have to say. When developing new offerings or initiatives, take a crowdsourcing approach and ask people what they want.

Try to go beyond your Facebook page too. Instagram and TikTok are more popular with younger audiences, and engaging on those platforms will likely give you a fresh perspective.

  1. Ask users to introduce themselves.

Steering your website users toward creating accounts or profiles gives you a chance to learn more about who your audience is, what matters to them now, and what their needs might be in the future.

Encourage sign-ups with incentives like a loyalty program or access to additional content. Or just be up front about the fact that getting to know them will help you serve them better. People are busy—and no one wants to sift through tons of information that isn’t relevant to them.

  1. Look at your email newsletters.

Healthcare newsletters are a great way to connect with your consumers directly, and tracking your metrics offers a glimpse into how they are engaging. Paying attention to your click-through rate is an easy way to see which topics and offerings resonate most with your audience. Taking time to understand your after-click activity tells you whether consumers are taking meaningful steps toward a call to action, like making an appointment or signing up for a class.

  1. Bring in the experts.

Sometimes what you really need is a fresh set of eyes. A dedicated healthcare marketing agency can offer a different perspective on your consumers, their attitudes and their needs. And they’ll work with you to develop and implement more effective ways to connect with your audience—and grow it.

Whether you are a current Coffey client or not, we can help you take on your day-to-day healthcare marketing challenges. If you’d like to find out more about our print and digital content services or our custom digital tools, call 888.805.9101 or email us.