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Website design2 min read 7 spring cleaning tips for your hospital website

Tips for making sure your hospital website is up-to-date and easy to navigate.

March 4, 2019Jordan Knapp, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Spring cleaning is a welcome ritual for those looking to clear clutter. So what better time to give your hospital website a good cleanup? Like a tidy home, a well-organized website is efficient—and reflects well on the owner.

What to clean up on your hospital website

If you haven't given your hospital's website a thorough review recently, set aside some time this month to do the following:

1. Review general information. Check everything from contact information to cafeteria hours to make sure it's all still current.

2. Walk through the site map. Make sure your site map is up-to-date and reflects any content changes you've made. An accurate site map will help people navigate your site more easily. It might help your search engine performance as well. Some CMSs, like Coffey's, automatically update your site map for you when content changes.

3. Test internal links. Links break. It happens to even the best hospital websites. Broken links can frustrate healthcare consumers and keep them from finding the information they're looking for on your site.

That's why it's important to check all your links regularly and quickly fix any problems. If you have a small website, you can do a manual click-through. This is a great opportunity to review the content and the overall user experience on your site. For a larger site, you might want to use a link checker or another website assessment tool.

4. Evaluate external links. This includes links from your site to another website as well as links from other websites to you. During your external link audit:

  • Check links from your site to other sites to make sure they still work and that they point to the correct page.
  • Check links that point to your site. There are a variety of free tools that can help you see where people link to you—Coffey uses a paid tool from MOZ. If you find broken links, you can fix them, redirect them to a relevant page or reach out to the organization that linked to you with a suggestion for fixing the link.

5. Review provider pages. Has your provider directory kept up with staff changes?

6. Update service pages. Read through your service descriptions and make sure they're current. Look for areas where services or new enhancements or offerings aren't listed. Also, check for outdated wording—such as descriptions of "new" technologies or facilities that you actually added a year or more ago.

Finally, make sure each service page contains a call to action so that readers know what step to take next.

Pro tip: Service pages can be a source of valuable search traffic for your hospital website. Not sure if your pages are optimized? Give us a call at 888.805.9101, and ask about an audit.

7. Clean up events and promotions. Make sure your calendar contains information about all your current events and promotions—and remove any outdated listings.

Here's a plug for working with Coffey: If you use our netReturns Calendar module, you can automatically archive old events by setting an end date.

We're here to help—no matter the season

Ready for a cleanup or clean start on your hospital website? Contact Coffey. Our digital services team includes experts in website design, website development and healthcare content.