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A day in the life of a Business Development Consultant at Coffey Communications

Posted on: Monday, August 13, 2018

Stephanie Groom, Director of Human Resources

How do you know if you'd enjoy a job as a Business Development Consultant in the healthcare marketing field?

One way would be to read the job description posted on our website. You'd learn that one of the essential job functions is to create and build relationships, and that the work requires travel to visit potential clients.

But another, perhaps more illuminating way to discover more about the role of a Business Development Consultant would be to talk to someone who actually does the job.

That's exactly what we've done for you here. We asked Business Development Consultant Eric Dutton to walk us through a typical day for him here at Coffey Communications. From a.m. to p.m., this is how he spends his time.

First things first

Not surprisingly, one of the first things Eric does when he gets into the office is check his email and respond to any questions that may have come in since yesterday. He especially looks for communications about ongoing contract negotiations.

After that, he begins reaching out to potential new clients who might be an ideal fit for Coffey's expertise and solution set. He contacts people through a variety of channels, including social media, email and phone. Being a clear and confident communicator is a major asset for this task.

Keeping up connections

Eric also connects with existing clients to let them know what's new at Coffey. He updates them on our innovations coming in the near future and reviews any current services they're not using that might prove helpful.

This is also a time when Eric checks in on the current and future state of their organization so he can get a better understanding of their strategies and needs.

All of that communication takes up most of his morning, and Eric begins sketching out his afternoon.

Managing the pipeline

Sometimes Eric's afternoons consist of compiling sample packets and budgets for prospective and current clients, but he also spends a significant amount of his time "managing the pipeline."

Managing the pipeline is the act of monitoring where current and potential clients are in their decision process to purchase new Coffey services. To do this task, Eric goes into Coffey's CRM to see where these various conversations are at in their decision cycle.

Some may be in the early stage of just looking at samples, others are working on their presentations to their C-suites. Eric has to constantly manage that flow, helping each client get through that decision process.

An average decision cycle is about 12 months from start to finish. That's why it's so vital to keep everything moving through the pipeline, maintaining a constant flow of information back and forth between Coffey and the client.

Guiding new clients

Other afternoons might be filled with new-client-kickoff meetings, in which a new client is introduced to their dedicated Coffey team for orientation and onboarding. That can consist of multiple meetings with a variety of departments to understand their goals, and put that into a presentation: Here's our solution and here's why we're making these recommendations.

Traveling to prospective clients

When Eric and a prospective client get to a certain phase of a decision cycle, it's time for in-person meetings, which often involves travel. Eric does all of his own scheduling: the flight, the car, the hotel, etc. He produces his presentations ahead of time.

Eric also hits the road throughout the year to attend various state and national healthcare public relations and marketing trade shows. He's able to connect with marketing professionals to learn more about the successes and challenges they face in their communities.

The end of the day

Eric also has routine meetings in-house with Coffey's Client Advocate/Project Managers so he can learn how things are going with existing clients. Are there any kudos? Changes in staff? New strategies or projects?

In the evenings, Eric relaxes by checking his Google alerts about changes in the healthcare industry, such as mergers and acquisitions or updates to Medicare or Medicaid. After that, it's family time for his wife and two children!

Ready to learn more?

Now that you've heard all about a day in the life of Eric, you may feel ready to apply to be a business development consultant at Coffey. We look forward to hearing more about you, your work experience and why Coffey Communications is the place you want to be.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Walla Walla page and Instagram to learn more about our town and team environment.

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