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A day in the life of a project manager at Coffey Communications

Posted on: Monday, April 9, 2018

Stephanie Groom, Director of Human Resources

Is a healthcare marketing job right for you? A detailed job description can help you understand the educational background you need and the tasks you're expected to complete.

Consider our Client Advocate/Project Manager (CA/PM) position. In our job description, we outline the basics of this healthcare marketing job. We discuss how someone in this position is considered the main contact for our clients, and we detail all of the tasks that are involved in managing a print healthcare marketing piece or a digital healthcare marketing product.

But often when we're interacting with people who want to learn more about the Walla Walla jobs we have open, people ask us about a typical day for someone who works in that open position. These issues are often covered during an interview, but sharing that information early might be helpful in prompting people to apply.

To show you how that sharing might work, we asked Josh Moulton, one of our print publication CA/PMs, to tell us about a typical workday. Here's what he told us.

Settling into the workday

Each morning, Josh does a quick roundup. We use a sophisticated project management program here at Coffey that includes all of the tasks each employee should complete in any given day. Josh checks his schedule, to understand what's coming his way. And he checks his calendar, so he'll know about the meetings he has scheduled.

Josh also checks his voicemail and email so he can respond to any internal or external messages that came in while he was out.

When these checks are complete, Josh has a to-do list to take him through the rest of his day.

Connecting with clients and colleagues

We have a very collaborative environment here at Coffey, which means we work hard to keep each another and our clients well-informed of deadlines, challenges and opportunities. As a team leader and the voice of the client, Josh plays a big role in that collaboration.

Josh spends much of his day connecting with his clients. He kicks off the production of a publication with an intensive planning session in which he keeps the goals of the client firmly in mind. When his planning is complete, he'll share his ideas with his client, and together, they'll collaborate on a final plan for the publication.

Josh may also present designs and redesigns to his clients, explaining the goals of each. When he receives feedback from his clients, he keeps detailed notes of these conversations so he can give feedback to his team.

Josh also connects with his colleagues within the building via meetings, phone calls, email messages and quick huddles. When Josh is planning publications, he determines the Coffey teammates who should work on each project. He uses our project management software to help make those decisions, but he's also very aware of teammates who have worked on specific client publications in the past. He makes smart choices about staffing, and he communicates those decisions to his team.

Josh also fields numerous client requests throughout the day. His clients call him to discuss healthcare print publications that are in the planning stages, and to ask about new healthcare marketing initiatives he could help with.

Addressing the unexpected

Our CA/PM team has exceptional organizational skills, and each member of the team excels at keeping projects on time, on schedule and on budget. But the healthcare marketing projects we work on—both in print and online—are complex. And at times that complexity can lead to the unexpected.

Josh builds open time into his daily schedule to tackle things like this. He adjusts schedules, connects with colleagues and otherwise handles issues when they arise—all while keeping a watchful eye on the overall project budget.

Ensuring a quality healthcare marketing product

As a team leader, Josh is expected to approve healthcare publications at key points in the schedule. He examines publications after layouts, he reviews documents before they're sent for approval and he makes a final check before publications go to press.

During his reviews, Josh keeps the needs and preferences of his clients in mind. He works as the voice of his clients during production, so he's always working to ensure that they'll get the quality product they expect. When he's doing his checks, Josh tries to keep distractions to a minimum. That way, he can give projects his undivided attention.

Building a strong client relationship

Josh works closely with his clients when their publications are in production. But he's also thinking about his clients and their goals outside of the production schedule process. He works as a marketing consultant for his clients, so he's always looking for ways to help his clients take advantage of new opportunities.

For example, Josh might reach out to his clients about new products Coffey offers. He might share data about the performance of the last issue and offer suggestions that could move the needle the next time.

Client retention is always on Josh's mind. Building relationships, offering expertise and delivering value helps to ensure that the clients we have are the clients we keep.

Heading for home

Josh has very busy days, and when they come to a close, he looks for ways to smooth the flow of the day to follow. He checks through his email one last time to make sure nothing got missed. He schedules meetings for the next day, as needed. And he looks over the project management software to ensure that all of his projects are running on time.

More to come

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing more stories about the role our staff plays in our success. And we encourage you to do the same. Sharing this level of detail can truly help job seekers know if a position is right for them. This could shorten your recruitment times.

And speaking of recruitment: We're hiring! To find out more about the Walla Walla jobs we have open, check out our jobs page. And to learn more about what it's like to live here, visit our Walla Walla page. You can also follow us on Instagram to learn more about our team environment and culture.

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