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Healthcare marketing strategy2 min read Are you getting the level of service you expect?

Great support is usually only appreciated the moment you encounter an issue. But it should be something you experience each time you interact with your vendor.

November 29, 2021The Coffey Team

Apple, Amazon, Lexus or Disney…these global brands have not wavered in their ability to provide exceptional customer service. But are you getting the level of service you expect?

Is good support good enough?

When looking for a marketing partner, they might all start to look pretty similar. But when evaluating a prospective marketing vendor, customer service may be one thing that sets them apart.

But just being satisfied isn't good enough anymore. According to their 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, Microsoft reports that 54% of all consumers said that they had higher customer service expectations than they did just one year before. The good news is that 67% of people believe that customer service as a whole is improving.

Exceptional customer service should be the standard of any marketing partner. All that a good marketing vendor has to offer can be futile if not accompanied by the level of support that a customer expects.

According to Salesforce, exceptional customer service is delivered through: empathy, generosity, being solution-driven, timeliness, and unexpectedness. A marketing vendor can offer amazing products, have a thorough knowledge base, and a responsive staff, but those qualities are unremarkable and buyers may consider those things the bare-minimum. However, exceptional customer service seeks to surprise and delight clients using unanticipated strategies that clients will rave about.

Many digital vendors utilize a ticketing system. This helps with project management and efficiency. But customer support doesn't stop there. If you're not getting the communication you need, in a timely manner, it may be time to consider another vendor partner.

When evaluating vendors on customer support, look for the following:

  • Real time support.
  • Multiple communication channels for requesting support.
  • A knowledge-base library and other self-service resources.
  • A project manager that will be assigned to your account.
  • Support that goes beyond ticket solving.
  • Timely and continual feedback so you are kept informed as your request is being resolved.
  • Follow-up after the ticket is closed to ensure you know what the issue was and how it was fixed.

More than a ticketing system

At Coffey, customer service is one of our corporate values. Coffey's best practice is to provide you more than just a ticketing system. We are available to talk to when you need us.

We offer you many ways to connect with us. As our partner, you are assigned a dedicated project coordinator who is your voice within Coffey. They are available to you when you need them via phone or email. For web clients, we offer a chat feature in our content management system (CMS) that is monitored continuously during business hours, and emails to go to the entire support team. The CMS also includes a knowledge base and other self-service resources such as training videos, FAQs and email support outside of business hours.

We have automated systems in place to monitor website up-time and alert the team to any issues, but when there is an emergency, we are there for you around the clock. Our goal is to make it easy for you to connect with us and provide you quality support as soon as possible.

Let us do the heavy lifting

We know you have many responsibilities, and when you need support, it can affect your day. Let Coffey do the heavy lifting. To learn more about our support services, call us at 888.805.9101 or email us. We've got you!

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