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Click-worthy content: 2017 mobile website trends

Posted on: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Is your healthcare website optimized for mobile? The answer is probably yes, but about 30 percent of all websites still aren't built to work on mobile devices, according to the in-depth report we're featuring as this week's recommended reading:

Building for Mobile: RWD, PWA, AMP or Instant Articles? (Smashing Magazine).

The report looks at past and current trends in mobile. Among the highlights:

  • Responsive design still rules: Seven in 10 mobile-optimized sites are responsive—up from 5 in 10 last year.
  • Mobile pages are getting taller. The average height of a mobile page is now 10 screens (up from seven screens in 2016).
  • AMP is more widely adopted than Facebook Instant Articles. The report also offers a valuable list of pros and cons for these two publishing methods.

Take your healthcare website's mobile presence to the next level

As this report shows, there's more to creating a great mobile presence than simply building a responsive website (though that is a great place to start).

For your healthcare website to offer a great mobile experience, you need to have a mobile-first strategy that covers design and content as well as delivery mechanisms like your healthcare e-newsletter.

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