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Click-worthy content: 3 things to know about mobile in 2017

Posted on: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

By now your healthcare website probably has a mobile-friendly design. But your work is not done. With more and more people using mobile as their only way of accessing the internet, it's essential to make sure every piece of your digital strategy is mobile-first. Here are three things you should know about mobile today.

1. Mobile use is still climbing.

eMarketer Releases Updated Estimates for U.S. Digital Users (eMarketer)

The number of Americans who only access the internet using a desktop or laptop computer is dropping, while the number of mobile-only users is rising. How much is it rising? Consider this quote: "More than eight in 10 internet users will use a mobile phone to access the web regularly in 2017."

2. Mobile is important for your e-newsletter too.

Your Guide to Email-Open Statistics on Mobiles [Infographic] (MarketingProfs)

More people read email on mobile devices than on desktop. And yet close to a quarter of all email campaigns are desktop-centric. Find out what you could be missing if you don't make mobile a cornerstone of your campaign.

3. Write your healthcare content for mobile, but don't forget the desktop.

Five Tips on Writing Content for a Mobile Audience (Econsultancy)

Optimizing your healthcare website for mobile users goes beyond design. Content matters too. This post contains valuable tips about writing content that works on both mobile and desktop devices, and while it isn't a new article, the tips are still relevant today. Follow them and ensure that your mobile-first content approach won't leave your desktop visitors out in the cold.