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Click-worthy content: Connecting with healthcare consumers

Posted on: Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In this blog, we talk a lot about ways hospitals can connect with healthcare consumers. In this week's click-worthy content, we've gathered 3 articles that offer valuable insights on steps your organization can take to better engage healthcare consumers in your community across all your marketing channels.

What do people want from your hospital website?

Easy Navigation, Speed Are Leading Website Performance Attributes (eMarketer)

Ease of navigation, speed and reliability matter more to people using your website than a tailored or personalized experience, according to recent surveys. Notably, 60 percent of respondents in one survey said they question the credibility of cluttered websites. That's a powerful reason to make sure your hospital's website is well-organized and that content is streamlined and relevant.

Here's more information about how to give people what they want on your hospital website.

A "human-first" strategy

Health Care Marketing Moves From Multichannel to Omnichannel (Ad Exchanger)

The need to connect content, data and technology is a challenge for all industries. For healthcare, focusing on patients as if they are consumers (because they are consumers) and implementing a unified strategy across all channels are the basic first steps in the fundamental shift from mobile-first and channel-first to human-first.

Connecting with healthcare consumers through storytelling

The Importance of Personal Narrative in Content Marketing (Content Standard)

One way to connect to patients more authentically is through telling stories that resonate. While it can be difficult to know which stories will achieve that level of connection, the 4 steps outlined in this post provide a starting point to help decide which content will hit the mark and what could get lost in the online noise.

For more tips on great storytelling, check out our blog post about interviewing patients.