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Click-worthy content: Creating great healthcare content

Posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Great content is essential to the success of a healthcare marketing strategy. This week, we're sharing four links that can help you improve your hospital or healthcare organization's content so that it's findable, engaging and easy to understand.

Happy reading!

Rocking simple language

Creating a Plain-Language Summary (American Geophysical Union)
Jargon and How to Avoid It (American Geophysical Union)

Eliminating jargon from healthcare content is something Coffey's editorial team is passionate about. So we loved finding this great advice that the American Geophysical Union (AGU) put together for scientists to use while writing study summaries. The tips the AGU offers are useful to anyone who's creating content about a technical topic.

Want to put your jargon-busting skills to the test? Use this tool to see if you can explain something using only the 1,000 most used words in the English language.

Links vs. shares: How to make sure your healthcare content reaches people

Shares Are Not Enough: How to Amplify Your Content and Build Links (Content Marketing Institute)

Social media can help you reach healthcare consumers in your community. But to truly amplify your healthcare content, you need links as well as social shares. This article lays out a detailed case for why links are important and how to create content that gets both links and shares.

Read the post, and then head back to The Coffey Blog for a printable poster that offers simple tips you can use to bring value to your healthcare content.

Healthcare SEO in 2017

The Most Important Google Search Rank Factors [Infographic] (MarketingProfs)

Best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) are constantly changing. That's not new. But the most recent changes have been some of the most significant the industry has ever seen. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all strategy could produce results for websites in any industry. Now it's important to focus on topic-specific approaches and on creating content that will provide value to your audience. Going forward, working with a company that specializes in creating healthcare content for digital audiences will be essential to the success of your hospital's SEO efforts.