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Click-worthy content: Creativity

Posted on: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We've focused on creativity a few times over the life of this blog, and this week's links back us up: Take the time to be inspired, and the creative payoff will be worth it.

Field notes from healthcare marketers

3 Ways to Be More Creative With Healthcare Advertising (Adweek)

This piece, specific to healthcare, provides both guidance and inspiration for when creativity just isn't flowing. It can help to remember the bigger picture of connecting people with care. In addition to thinking of the future, consider here and now in the social realm. Considering those different angles can help create opportunities for you as a marketer and for the patients you're looking to reach.

Fighting writer's block

Seth Godin on Creativity, Writer's Block, and What It Sounds Like When You Change Your Mind (Slate)

We don't often link to podcasts, but this one is worth a listen. Seth Godin talks about his new book—and how he accesses creativity consistently. Even if you just peruse the list of references for the podcast, you'll find quite a bit to inspire your creativity.

Creativity: Not a given, but a process

Where Creativity Comes From (Scientific American)

Creativity has often been framed as something that only a few special people have access to because of some genetic gift. The authors of this article cite a number of studies that explore creative problem solving—in the lab and the wild—to help us better understand the creative process and how innovation builds on itself.