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Click-worthy content: Email edition

Posted on: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coffey is about to release our newest e-newsletter product—a weekly health news digest—so email is very much on our minds right now. To learn more about the new e-newsletter, contact us

The future of email marketing

Good News: Email Is Headed for a Black Hole (Target Marketing)

Don't be fooled by this headline. It's really all about new beginnings and fascinating discoveries.

E-newsletters as a daily news source

Why E-newsletters Are Still Relevant (Ragan)

In a survey of executives, 60 percent said they read an email newsletter as 1 of their first 3 sources of news each day. And they were more likely to share this content with others than they were content found through social media.

Now, granted, executives probably aren't your target audience. But this data does apply to reaching healthcare consumers. As the article notes: "Email provides a personalized, curated, daily digest that's easily accessible on any device. That's the stark opposite of the Web, where readers are faced with infinite options."

Email and the bottom line

How Much Revenue Does Email Drive? (eMarketer)

This article offers a fascinating look at how marketers rate the value they get from email compared to other channels.