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Click-worthy content: Getting more from your marketing

Posted on: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This week we're sharing three articles that can help you get more from the content you produce by repurposing, optimizing and making wise use of new communication methods.

Get more value from your healthcare content

How to Atomize 1 Killer Piece of Content Into 10 (Content Marketing Institute)

Repurposing content can help you maximize the value you get from your healthcare marketing budget. It can also help you get more mileage from the pieces of content that your audience finds most engaging. This blog post offers some helpful tips. Make sure to check out the "How to get atomization to work for you" section near the end of the post.

Secrets to email success

Five Simple But Often Overlooked Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing (MarketingProfs)

E-newsletters can be a highly effective way to reach healthcare consumers. Whether you have a well-established email relationship with your consumers or are just starting out, this article has some tips that can help. (Tip No. 5 is something we've been experimenting with in one of our e-newsletters, and the results are good so far.)

Are emojis 👌 to use in your healthcare marketing?

Time for Marketers to Up Their Emoji Game (Digital Content Next)

Emojis are an increasingly popular communication tool. But can they help you reach healthcare consumers? This article offers some data that can help you understand how and when to incorporate emojis in the information you send to your community. The most important takeaway is the last sentence of the article.