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Click-worthy content: High points for the first week of spring

Posted on: Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Email marketing trends, 10 years of Twitter, a fresh time management perspective—and a little something for political junkies. Check out our reading picks for this week!

What makes a winning website?

Presidential Election 2016: The Best UI (Cooper)

Maybe you're burned out on politics—or maybe you can't get enough. Either way, this post comparing the candidates' campaign websites looks at the much-covered race from a different angle.

A visual approach to time management

This Googler Explains How to Design Your Time Rather Than Manage It (Fast Company)

Do you find yourself reacting to your schedule rather than maintaining it? This method suggests breaking tasks into quadrants—and it’s not as dull as it sounds. In fact, prioritizing the more energizing parts of your job is key to working more intentionally. And it can apply to just about any position.

Taking stock after 10 years of tweets

6 Ways Twitter Has Changed the World (Mashable)

Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, and while recent news has rated the social media giant as struggling, the reach of the platform can't be underestimated. This post highlights a few of the arenas of public discourse where Twitter has a far greater influence than any other social media service.

Email marketing: Break away from the herd

Best Times to Email Customers (Target Marketing)

Email marketing trends are always on our radar. This piece addresses the question of when to send. It's a bit of a moving target. But the article makes the case for sending at nonhigh-volume times, with stats to back it up.