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Click-worthy content: Hitting a moving target

Posted on: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A healthcare marketer's education is never done. The world is changing all around us, and the web changes even faster. Stay on top with updates on social timing, crafting content for different reading styles and advice on giving useful design feedback.

The times are always changing

The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 2016 (Hootsuite)

We keep our eyes out for new information and advice on best times and days for posting to social media. This post from Hootsuite pulls useful tips from a variety of sources for posting to the 3 main social sites—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The best advice they have, though, is timeless: Know your audience.

What’s up in social? A few quick takes

#SocialSkim: Facebook Tests Massive News Feed Revamp, Plus 13 More Stories in This Week's Roundup (MarketingProfs)

This #SocialSkim post covers the gamut, from YouTube's new live 360 video to the content habits of millennial B2B buyers, and of course, a few Facebook updates too. Tuck it away for later if you're short on time, but be sure to check out Boaty McBoatface (#13) for a quick chuckle right now.

Scanners and readers: Craft content that appeals to both

Seven Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing With Scannable Web Content (MarketingProfs)

People tend to scan digital content. But the 7 tips in this article will make your content better for both scanners and those who read it comprehensively.

From pubs to websites, how to get the most out of your designer

How to Give Design Feedback (Kick Point)

Healthcare marketers are regularly called upon to give feedback on designs, from publications and brochures to websites. Whether you're working with an outside design firm or an internal designer, the feedback you give is essential to making sure you get the result you're looking for. This article has some helpful tips for communicating effectively with the designers in your life.