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Click-worthy content: Learn from the experts

Posted on: Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This week we're reading about two giants of media: The New York Times and Google. There's a lot to learn from NYT's email marketing strategy, plus new insights on Google Analytics and SEO.

The rising value of the inbox

How The New York Times Gets 70% Email Open Rates (Contently)

Email continues to gain traction as a marketing tool. This post from Contently outlines the work that The New York Times has undertaken to stem the lack of engagement around content on the home page by making emails relevant and personalized to the reader. The post includes helpful tips for marketers in looking at new ways to engage users outside the home page.

Fresh content gets the views

10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings (updated) (Moz)

Google rankings are at the top of digital marketers' minds for good reason. And while Google's algorithms can be hard to keep up with, posts like these can help—at least in the short term. This piece doesn't outline all the ways that Google may determine freshness to rank web pages, but it does focus on areas where you can influence SEO.

Google Analytics Solutions announces new tools for marketers

Google Wants All Your Data, Marketers (Target Marketing)

Last week Google made a number of announcements around its analytics software, all pointing toward a more comprehensive and integrated approach to measuring marketing engagement. The full suite has now expanded to include six tools—where before there were only two—and will be offered à la carte as well as in a unified dashboard. Google says these enhancements come at the behest of marketers, who have been asking for more from analytics software, from ease of use to full integration.