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Click-worthy content: Make the most of every post

Posted on: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Details matter in the social media world. With limited space and time, it's important to make every character count. This week we're reading a handful of pieces that might inspire you to fine-tune your social strategy.

Change is coming to Twitter

Coming soon: Express even more in 140 characters (Twitter)

Twitter isn't expanding its 140-character limit just yet, but it is taking a significant step to make tweets roomier. Check out this post on the Twitter blog for all the details.

A wealth of data

101 Interesting Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know About (Mento)

Citing sources from around the web, this collection of 101 social media stats will give you ideas to chew on across the main social channels. Many of these will back up what you already know about social impact—others may be a surprise. 

The anatomy of a social post

Infographic: How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms (WebMag)

Now take some tips from the 101 stats and put them to use. This infographic shows how to maximize impact for each channel and expands beyond the stats above to include Vine, Tumblr, blogs, YouTube and Google+.