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Click-worthy content: Make your healthcare website easy to scan

Posted on: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

People tend to be impatient when they're reading online. They often scan content, looking for key bits of information.

It's important to format the content on your healthcare website with this behavior in mind.

Bulleted lists can help

One effective and easy-to-use content formatting method is the bulleted list.

Used properly, bulleted lists can make your content more inviting and highlight key information.

But using too many bulleted lists on a page or writing the lists awkwardly can end up confusing readers and making pages unwieldy.

This blog post outlines some simple best practices that can help you use lists effectively.

7 Tips for Presenting Bulleted Lists in Digital Content (Nielsen Norman Group)

3 more tips for user-friendly healthcare web pages

  1. Follow navigation best practices. The ideas listed in this blog post can help you ensure that your website's navigation helps your readers quickly find what they're looking for.
  2. Write web-friendly headlines. Your headline is the single most important part of a digital article. Follow the advice in this blog post to transform your article from good to great.
  3. Make services easy to find. Is your website made with your reader's search habits in mind? The ideas in this blog post can help you think like a consumer—and make your content easy to find.

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