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Click-worthy content: Making the most of data

Posted on: Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This week's links cover reporting, SEO and website design, but all the articles have a common theme—using information to improve your marketing and deliver better results for your healthcare organization.

Turning analytics into action

Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill Everyone Needs (Forbes)
Visualizations That Really Work (Harvard Business Review)

Healthcare marketers today have access to more data than ever before. The key now is finding ways to take that data and turn it into meaningful action. As the Forbes article notes, "If an insight isn't understood and isn't compelling, no one will act on it and no change will occur."

Why your search results differ from your colleague's

How Personalized Search Affects SEO (STAT)

At Coffey, we don't put the same amount of emphasis on rank tracking in hospital SEO campaigns as we did five years ago. But search rank is still important. It's also difficult to measure since the results of a search can differ from one person to another based on a number of factors. If you've ever wondered why the results you see when you search for your hospital are different from those your agency or CEO sees, this article is for you.

Can people read your hospital website content?

Your Body Text Is Too Small (Christian Miller on Medium)

If you're getting ready to work on a website redesign for your healthcare organization, font size is something you should consider and discuss with your design team. This article provides a great overview of current trends in font size and makes a case for why you might want to go larger with the font on your website.