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Click-worthy content: Making the most of your healthcare marketing resources

Posted on: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What should be included in your communications strategy? And who should help you bring your plans to life? No matter whether your team (or your budget) is large or small, you probably spend a fair amount of time trying to answer these two key questions.

This week, we'll help you find answers. We're sharing posts about marketing programs outside of healthcare. A quick read can help you see how other professionals deal with the challenges you face in your organization.

Happy reading!

How are other marketers using their budgets?

The Marketing Mix 2010-2016: 6-Year Study Reveals Key Budget Trends (Target Marketing)

We don't often see studies that span 6 years of data gathering, so this impressive undertaking caught our eye. We recommend downloading the full report. These quick takeaways might pique interest:

  • Direct mail is still a viable approach.
  • Most businesses participate in social media.
  • Most marketers (80 percent of them, in fact) are producing content—and many are boosting their content marketing spending in 2017.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) spending is on the rise. And, the authors say, expenditure is expected to "soar" in the coming years.

All of these results are interesting, but we're especially curious about the SEO projections and what it means for our clients. Just think: If your competition is doing SEO and you aren't, you could be headed for a drop in website traffic.

Small marketing team? You can still make an ambitious content plan

How Small Marketing Teams Can Achieve Big Content Wins (MarketingProfs)

Content marketing can provide a lot of value for hospitals and health insurers. Done well, it can help you build an audience of engaged readers and help you effectively communicate your organization's health message to your community.

But doing content marketing well takes resources that many organizations are challenged to find.

While this article is geared toward small teams, the three tips offered here hold true for any healthcare team that wants to add content marketing to an already ambitious to-do list.

Particularly valuable is the advice offered for successfully contracting with outside resources to help you create and implement a content marketing plan.

We have a couple other blog posts that offer more insight into this process: