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Click-worthy content: MozCon 2016 edition

Posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's been a big week for conferences. Coffey's team attended the annual SHSMD conference (more on that next week). We also sent two members of our digital team, Jeremy Dietz and Jean Dion, to MozCon where they soaked up a ton of information about the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and SEO.

Here's a look at some of the highlights from the conference that we think healthcare marketers will find particularly useful.

"You Can't Type a Concept: Why Keywords Still Matter" 
Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at MOZ

Dr. Pete gave one of our favorite presentations at last year's MozCon, and he didn't disappoint this year. Noting that the way people search is changing back to more natural phrasing thanks to advances in voice search and Google's Hummingbird and RankBrain updates, he outlined a new approach to keyword research that he called the 3 G's:

Step 1: Gather keywords.
Step 2: Group keywords into concepts.
Step 3: Generate ideas—natural phrases for each of these concepts.

Whether you do SEO for your healthcare website yourself or outsource it to a firm like Coffey, we highly recommend watching the video of this presentation when it becomes available online at

"How to Do Reputation Marketing" 
Rhea Drysdale, CEO at Outspoken Media

Rhea told Mozzers that reputation marketing doesn't mean responding to an attack or a crisis. Reputation marketing involves creating plans that exceed the expectations of stakeholders (including your community) on a regular basis. When done right, reputation marketing will make all of your marketing efforts easier, as your loyal customers will talk you up without being asked to do so. How do you do that? By listening to customer pain points and fixing them fast. And those successes you find? Share those with your team to get them excited about the work you do. Reputation marketing is a new concept and a new way of thinking, but it's one we're excited about. After all, who doesn't want to prevent problems, rather than fix them?

"Putting Trust Into Domain Authority" 
Wil Reynolds, Founder and Director of Digital Strategy at Seer Interactive

Wil is, hands down, one of our very favorite MozCon speakers. And there's a reason he's usually an end-of-day speaker. His talks are both entertaining and informative, so they can break through afternoon malaise. This year, Wil talked a great deal about empathy. Do you understand why people really come to your website—and the baggage they might bring with them when they arrive? Wil suggested using alt-search sites to uncover searcher intent. One we got excited about: Answer the Public. The long-tail keywords this site generates can uncover some of the deepest, darkest questions your readers might have. And for healthcare marketers, the data this site generates could be data that helps you to reach the right people in the right way.

"Social Media: People First, 'Rules' Second" 
Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner at Kickpoint, Inc.

Dana's presentation challenged the way many marketers do social. She noted that a lot of social media is simply a digital billboard with a message that would make sense anywhere. Her solution? SMUX (social media user experience). To learn more about the six elements that make up a strong SMUX, take a look at this blog post she wrote to follow up the presentation.

"How to Be Specific: From-the-Trenches Lessons in High-Converting Copy" 
Joanna Wiebe, Conversion Copywriter at Copy Hackers

Writing great healthcare content that educates and inspires action is something we focus a lot on at Coffey. So we particularly enjoyed these three pieces of advice Joanna gave for creating content that is specific and helpful to readers:

  • Make sure that what you're saying is obviously about the person reading it.
  • Connect the dots for the reader. What should they do after reading? Why? How?
  • Help people visualize by creating word pictures that bring concepts to life.