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Click-worthy content: MozCon edition

Posted on: Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This week, Coffey staffers Sherilee Coffey and Jeremy Dietz are attending MozCon in Seattle.

What's MozCon? It's 3 days of in-depth sessions about digital marketing topics like search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, mobile and analytics. One common theme in this year's sessions: How marketers can deal with disruptions caused by new technologies and tools. Our favorite tip? Disrupt yourself before someone/something else disrupts you.

We're excited to get back to the office and share what we've learned at the conference with our clients and colleagues.

In the meantime, here are a few of the presentations that we found particularly valuable on days 1 and 2 of the conference. (Click on the title to download a PDF of the presentation slides.)

Surviving Google: SEO in 2020
Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at MOZ

SEO is changing, and organic ranking opportunities are being limited by the knowledge graph, voice search and predictive search. Dr. Pete's talk covered some of the scary things the future might hold for search marketers, but he also offered some actionable advice. Our favorite tidbit? Create deep content that adds value and insight.

Too Busy to Do Good Work
Marta Turek, Senior Advertising Manager at ROI DNA

Interruptions can wipe out up to 50 percent of the average workday, according to Turek. In this inspiring, tip-filled presentation, she outlined 21 habits marketers can create to help limit interruptions and free up the time they need to do great work.

One of our favorite pieces of advice wasn't necessarily productivity related though. Turek advised setting aside 30 minutes a day to update your skills. As she says, "before you need time to work, you need the knowledge to do the work."

The Time to Do the Web Right Is Incredibly Short
Wil Reynolds, Director of Strategy at Seer Interactive

One of the things that makes MozCon great is the mix of tactical and high-level sessions. Reynolds' presentation this year fell into the latter category. He energized the audience and challenged us to think of customers first and to focus on their needs and aspirations rather than on things like what channel they are on or how well a piece of content ranks.

"You have the choice to produce great content," Reynolds said. "But you have to fight for it."

Digital Analytics: People, Process, Platform
Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate at Google, blogger at

Singer's presentation was a great overview of how to put digital analytics together for your organization. He also answered a question about a problem that plagues any marketer who uses Google Analytics (GA): Is Google ever going to do anything about all that spam referrer data that shows up in GA? The answer? A fix is in the works. Yes!

The SEO's Guide to the Insane World of Content
Matthew Brown, Senior Vice President for Special Projects at MOZ

There are at least 2.5 million new blog posts added to the Internet each day. How can you stand out? Brown put forward a lot of great ideas, like making sure your content is relevant and recent. We appreciated that he noted how difficult this can be. He recommended giving your content plan time to work, noting that it can take 12 to 17 months to build a loyal audience.

Putting this advice to work in your healthcare marketing

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