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Click-worthy content: MozCon wrap-up

Posted on: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In last week's click-worthy content post, we shared links from the first 2 days of MozCon.

This week, we want to give you some of the highlights from day 3. (Click on the title to download a PDF of the presentation slides.)

Upside Down and Inside Out
Mig Reyes, Designer at Basecamp, Co-president of AIGA Chicago

"If you don't break a few things, you aren't trying hard enough." That was the key take-away from this inspiring session that encouraged marketers and designers to experiment and push themselves. Reyes also shared this challenge: Spend 15 minutes trying something totally new. Some of it might be ugly, but it might also lead you to great work. Check out his presentation for some fun examples of ugly work done by great designers.

Parole, Parole, Parole: Practical, Modern Keyword and Topical Research
Gianluca Fiorelli, International SEO & Inbound Marketing Strategist and Consultant

For those of us at Coffey who are borderline obsessed with on-page SEO strategies, this presentation was a highlight of MozCon. Fiorelli offered a wealth of practical tips for doing better keyword research and understanding the data. "Don't be data driven," he urged. "Be data informed."

One tip that we've already put into action: using Wikipedia as a landing page in Google's keyword planner to help generate a list of keyword ideas. Brilliant!

Here's an example of how you might use this tactic to get keyword ideas for your hospital's website:

  • Log in to Google Adwords.
  • Click on "Tools" and then "Keyword Planner."
  • Click "Search for New Keywords Using a Phrase, Website or Category."
  • Put "orthopedics" in the product or service box.
  • Enter as your landing page.
  • Choose "Health Care Services" as your product category.
  • Click "Get Ideas."

Need help putting those keyword ideas in place? Give us a call at 888.805.9101.

Astoundingly Useful Applications of Facebook Search for Marketers
David Mihm, Director of Local Search Strategy for Moz

Facebook's Graph Search is a potentially powerful tool that can help marketers connect with their local community.

Mihm's presentation offered some practical ideas for how to use Graph Search and best practices for constructing queries.

The presentation was great. But if you're new to this topic, the best way to get started is by reading Moz's article "The Marketer's Guide to Facebook Graph Search."

Onsite SEO in 2015: An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Marketer
Rand Fishkin, Moz Founder

For the final session of MozCon 2015, attendees were treated to a look at the future of SEO.

If you create content for a hospital website, this presentation is worth your time—even if you hire out SEO to an agency like Coffey. Because while optimizing for search engines is still part of the future of SEO, there's more to it now than getting the right keywords in place and trying to rank. You're also going to need to focus on engaging your audience with exceptional content and great user experiences.

A term to keep in mind: 10x content. This is content that is 10 times better than anything else available on the web—and it's what you should be striving to create. That's not an easy task, but it's going to be an important part of successful digital marketing in the future.

You can learn more about 10x content and see some examples here.

Are you creating 10x content for your hospital?

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