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Click-worthy content: Put mobile SEO on your to-do list

Posted on: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

You have limited resources, so you want to put them where they matter most. In 2016, trends suggest that's mobile and SEO. Dive into these links to learn the how and why behind the trends.

From mobile first to mobile only

U.S. Internet Users Rely on Mobile Devices for Digital Access (eMarketer)

This report has some insights on the continued rise of mobile—both phones and tablets. It reveals that, in 2016, about 1 in 10 U.S. Internet users will rely exclusively on a mobile device to access the web. Overall, about 88 percent of Internet users will still use a laptop or desktop device to access the Internet at least once a month. But that number is down from 97.3 percent in 2011. 

Bringing search traffic to your hospital website

7+ Ways to Attract Searchers and Boost Your SEO Rankings (Content Marketing Institute)

With SearchFest 2016 just a few days away, Coffey's team has SEO on our minds in a big way. This article provides a great overview of some key tactics for improving your hospital website's SEO. One thing we particularly appreciated was the clear explanation of why title tags and meta descriptions are important. Missing or unoptimized title tags and meta descriptions are some of the most common SEO problems on hospital websites.

Hospital SEO: Don't forget mobile

Eye Tracking in 2016: How Searchers Interact with Mobile SERPs vs. Desktop (Moz)

How well does your hospital's website rank in mobile searches? This eye-tracking research found that more than 92 percent of mobile search clicks happen in the area above the 4th organic listing. 

Google's latest paid search updates

FAQ: All About the Changes to Google's Ad Layout On Desktop Search Results (Search Engine Land)

A good organic search ranking is becoming more important on desktop as well as mobile. Google recently announced that it will be adding a 4th text ad spot to the area above organic listings in desktop search for queries that are "highly commercial."

This change likely won't impact your hospital as dramatically as it will hotels or car insurance providers. But Google might see some health-related searches—such as those for elective procedures—as being done with an intent to purchase. If your service line content isn't well-optimized, you might want to contact Coffey and learn more about our SEO services.