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Click-worthy content: Remaining relevant in a digital world

Posted on: Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When it comes to your digital marketing mix, you have to stay on your toes to remain relevant. From social trends to smart website design, think of today's links as your plug into what's top of mind for digital marketers right now.

The future of Instagram is pay-to-play

Instagram Growth and Engagement: 2015 Year in Review (Locowise)

There are 13 valuable links in this #SocialSkim article by Marketing Profs, all of them worth reading. But one in particular (No. 7) stood out. It points to a slowdown in growth for Instagram and predicts a future not unlike Facebook, where pay-to-play becomes the norm.

Why HTML5 is in—and Flash is out

Flash Forward: The Future Is HTML5 (Website Magazine)

This post helps articulate where Coffey has been headed with our website design for a number of years: away from Flash and toward HTML. With all of the advantages of HTML5—from load time to search engine optimization (SEO) to responsiveness—this author's plea makes sense for all the right reasons. 

5 to-do’s for picking a digital vendor

How Do You Pick the Right Vendor for your Next Big Digital Project? (The Greystone Journal)

We spotted this great post recently about picking a vendor for your digital projects. And we couldn’t agree more with Greystone.Net: This is a huge decision. Engaging the right team and necessary resources is critical. To learn more about how Coffey can help you with your next big digital project, contact us