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Click-worthy content: The hard work behind the buzzwords

Posted on: Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Every industry has its jargon, and marketing is no different. But we know that beneath each concept are the nuts and bolts—the specifics that make it all come together. This week, we're thinking about not just telling stories but telling the right stories. And not just tracking engagement but knowing what that engagement means. Plus, we'll look at the details behind making SEO—another buzzword we all know—translate into real, human results.

Is your healthcare content reaching consumers?

How to Measure Engagement the Right Way (Content Marketing Institute)

Clicks, likes, reach, shares and bounces are just a few of the many metrics you can use to measure whether or not consumers are interested in your digital healthcare content. But not all of these metrics will show you whether your content really made a difference. This blog post can help you understand what to track to get an idea of actual engagement.

You can find even more helpful analytics advice in our hospital website data blog post.

Hospital SEO: Keywords vs. topics

Are Keywords Really Dead? An Experiment (MOZ)

We've written before about the continued importance of keyword research for hospital SEO. The topic continues to be debated in SEO circles as Google becomes better and better at understanding natural language. This MOZ blog post provides some interesting—though not conclusive—data about the topic. 

Another reason to make your hospital's site mobile-friendly

Continuing to Make the Web More Mobile Friendly (Google)

Last April, Google announced that it was going to start giving preference to mobile-friendly websites in mobile searches. In May, they're going to start increasing the impact that mobile-friendliness has on mobile search results. If your hospital's website isn't optimized for mobile yet, now's a good time to learn more about Coffey's website design and development services.