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Click-worthy content: The latest mobile tips and trends

Posted on: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mobile continues to dominate conversations about website design, user experience and content creation. And, as we noted last week, Google is moving to a mobile-first search index.

This week we've got several links for you about mobile trends and best practices, and a bonus link about one of people's favorite mobile activities—browsing social media.

Is mobile still on the rise?

Mobile Marketing Statistics Compilation (Smart Insights)

Staying current in mobile is an ongoing challenge. This post gathers the latest in mobile stats and breaks down the information into charts and summaries, from screen orientation on mobile to ad spends.

You have 8 seconds to reach a website visitor

Designing for Short Attention Spans (Webdesigner Depot)

As the use of mobile goes up, our attention spans seem to be going down. Here are some helpful tips for designing a website that keeps impatient consumers engaged.

Getting your healthcare content in front of app users

Mobile App Usage and Download Trends for 2016 (MarketingProfs)

While mobile use continues to grow, mobile apps outside of Facebook and YouTube aren’t seeing the same growth as in years past. That's why having a presence on Facebook matters, whether it’s promoting local information or pushing content from your website to Facebook. This infographic highlights the number of app downloads per person per month, as well as the number of minutes spent using apps.

The latest social media advice

What Time and Day Are Best for Social Posts? (eMarketer)

While it's worth experimenting with posts on the days and times recommended in this research, the best time to post for your organization is when your audience is online. We recommend looking at the analytics for each of your social platforms as well as posting on different days and times and tracking response.