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Click-worthy content: The latest mobile trends

Posted on: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

There's no doubt that mobile is an essential piece of a successful healthcare marketing strategy. While that starts with a mobile-friendly website, it doesn't end there. This week's click-worthy links are all about how we engage with mobile and what Google is doing to help promote a better mobile experience.

Mobile is influencing how we use desktop devices

How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Search, Based on 10+ Years of Eye-Tracking Studies (Search Engine Land)

Here's a stat that's worth keeping in mind as you create title tags for your hospital's website: People used to spend 2.6 seconds looking at search engine results—now they look at more results than before but spend just 1.3 seconds doing it. All the more reason to make sure your title tag is compelling and front-loaded with words that will catch people's eyes as they scan.

Mobile email clicks keep rising

Email Continues to Get More Mobile (eMarketer)

This research focuses on ecommerce, but it's still helpful for healthcare marketers to see those trends. The takeaway? Most email opens and clicks happen on mobile, though final conversions on tasks like making a purchase still tend to happen on desktop. All the numbers are moving toward mobile though. And that's a trend that shows no sign of reversing.

If you aren't aware of AMP, it's time to start learning

Google Opens the AMP Fire Hose (Search Engine Land)
5 Reasons to Quickly Start Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (Entrepreneur)

Google first started displaying accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in search results early this year, and it began displaying even more AMP pages last month. While the need for AMP pages is probably stronger for ecommerce sites than healthcare sites at this point, it's time to start making plans for including AMP in your healthcare marketing strategy. The two articles above will give you a good overview of what AMP is and why it matters.