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Click-worthy content: The most important digital content you create

Posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

While every article we're sharing this week is useful, the first item is a must-read for every healthcare marketer.

Why you should obsess over headlines and teasers in digital content

Microcontent: A Few Small Words Have a Mega Impact on Business (Nielsen Norman Group)

We're always looking for new ways to boost engagement in the content we create. That's why we've been sharing and discussing this article at Coffey lately. There's an incredible amount of valuable information here about the tiny bits of content readers really care about. If you create content for your hospital's website, this article is something you'll likely want to bookmark and come back to again and again.

Wait, jargon can be good sometimes?

How to Use Jargon for Good, Not Evil, in Your Content and Marketing (MarketingProfs)

Regular readers of The Coffey Blog know where we stand on jargon in healthcare content. But we're open to new ideas. This blog makes the case that jargon can—at times—help marketers. It's good food for thought (but don't expect to see a jargon-heavy blog from us in the near future).

An Instagram update healthcare marketers should know about

Instagram's New 'Saved Posts' Feature Has Big Implications for Marketers (Digiday)

Instagram recently rolled out a feature that allows people to save posts, which may move the platform from a browsing tool to a content-curation tool (like Pinterest). Read this post to learn more about it and to see how one brand has used it as a clever marketing game.