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Click-worthy content: The year of user experience

Posted on: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

If you read our 2017 digital healthcare marketing trends blog post, you already know how important we think user experience (UX) is going to be for healthcare websites in the coming year.

Below you'll find two articles specifically about UX, along with two other links to stories that have UX at the heart of the advice they offer.

Happy reading!

2017 will be the year of UX

The State of UX in 2017 (
Why Your UX Design is Failing: It Doesn't Tell a Story (ContentStandard)

These two blog posts provide some great insights into why UX is important, along with some useful case studies from outside of healthcare. Whether you're just learning about UX or looking for information on new trends, these articles belong on your reading list.

SEO trends

Five Even More Buzzworthy SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2017 (MarketingProfs)

Best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) change regularly. But for hospital marketers, one thing that remains the same is the need to focus on the fundamentals and to keep your reader's interests at the top of your mind. As you look at this list of some SEO trends to expect in 2017, keep those things in mind.

Are you making the most of images in your healthcare content?

How to Fully Engage Your Readers' Brains With Images (Copyblogger)

Whether you're creating digital content for your hospital's website or putting together a healthcare magazine, the right images can make all the difference. While this blog post focuses on digital, the basic principles apply to all the healthcare content you create.