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Click-worthy content: Tips for workflow and social media

Posted on: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Healthcare marketers are often asked to do more with less. This week's reading includes an idea for getting more done without working harder—plus several insightful pieces of social media reading.

Should healthcare marketers work like software developers?

How to Stop Working So Hard: Agile Marketers Work Smarter (Content Marketing Institute)

If you've worked with software developers, you've probably heard of the Agile method of working on a project. This article makes the case for bringing the Agile approach to marketing work. It's a thought-provoking piece and definitely worth your time to read and consider.

"An Agile approach enables you to become more effective without working more. You may get more done—or you may not. The point is that you're more likely to get the right things done."

Social and mobile key to digital news consumption

5 Key Findings, 20 Essential Stats: Inside 2016's Digital News Report (MediaShift)

Social media news is an important source of traffic to many of the hospital and health plan websites Coffey works with. So we're always keeping our eyes on trends related to digital news. This new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford offers some useful insights about the role of social and mobile in news consumption—and a surprising bit of information about video.

Responding to negative comments on social media

Embrace Negative Feedback From Brand 'Haters' (Target Marketing)

How do you respond to people who post negative comments about your organization on social media? This is a common question for healthcare marketers—and one that inspired an interesting SHSMD online community thread last week. We've shared our 7 tips for handling negative social media comments, but we thought this short video interview with one of our favorite authors, Jay Baer, was worth sharing as well. If you're involved with social media for your hospital or healthcare organization, the video, the SHSMD thread and The Coffey Blog post are all worth your time.

Speaking of social media…is anyone reading the content you post?

6 in 10 of You Will Share This Link Without Reading It, a New, Depressing Study Says (The Washington Post)

This article is a great example of why it's so important to create compelling text for the links you post to your hospital's social media channel. That text should not only be shareable on its own; it should create a curiosity gap that can only be satisfied by clicking the link.