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Click-worthy content: Watch and learn

Posted on: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Noting how major brands change their image can help you refine your healthcare marketing plan. Plus, marketing to women might look different than you thought. 

Less pink, more practical 

What Types of Marketing Messages Do Women Prefer? (eMarketer)

Think you know what it takes to market to women? Think again. Recent research shows that women would prefer gender-neutral messaging in their marketing.  

Field notes from the world of retail

3 Things Healthcare Marketers Can Learn From Retail Marketers (MediaPost)

What can healthcare marketers learn from retail? Turns out, quite a bit. As the consumer becomes more of a focus in healthcare marketing, learning how to provide value, think local and integrate mobile are all areas where retail has blazed the trail. 

Putting the product front and center

Google Just Fixed One of the Biggest Pain Points in Mobile UX (Fast Company) 

Google's new keyboard brings Google search even closer to your fingertips—it's right there ON the keyboard.

The anatomy of a redesign

Instagram Ends the Nostalgia Era (The Atlantic) 

Instagram's logo and interface changed last week. There was much fanfare—not all of it positive, of course. Who likes change, anyway? Well, it'll be the new norm in no time, as this post does a good job of reminding us.