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Click-worthy content: Website design, analytics and email effectiveness

Posted on: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This week's links help answer some important digital marketing questions about website designs, email effectiveness and how to get the most out of analytics.

The age-old hospital website redesign question…

Which Comes First? Layout or Content? (Nielsen Norman Group)

Redesigning your hospital's website can be a large and complex project. It's important to make sure that content and design are created with one another in mind so there aren't unpleasant surprises when it's time to pull the two of them together. This article lists best practices and tips that will help your next redesign go smoothly. Another tip: Check out Coffey's website design services. We work carefully with clients to make sure content and design come together seamlessly.

Email inspires action

Email Has Influenced 98 Percent of Consumers Polled to Make a Purchase (Direct Marketing News)

Hospitals aren't selling via email the same way digital retailers do, but this post about the influence of email marketing is still worth reading.

One takeaway that confirms what we knew when we launched our newest e-newsletter, This Week in Health: Consumers say weekly emails from a brand are the right frequency, provided those emails contain something they're interested in.

What to do with your hospital's website analytics

12+ Ways to Use Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing (Content Marketing Institute)

There are quite a few helpful pieces of advice in this post, but among our favorites are "Take a long-range view" and "Translate data into English." Regardless of which advice resonates with you, making informed decisions about your web data is always a good idea.