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Click-worthy content: What healthcare consumers want

Posted on: Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This week's links can help you understand more about what healthcare consumers want online.

5 takeaways from a new survey of healthcare consumers

What Healthcare Consumers Are Really Doing Online and What They Have to Say (SHSMD)

More people are visiting hospital websites than ever before. That's great news for healthcare marketers who've invested in creating a great online presence for their organization. Read this article to learn what healthcare consumers are hoping to do on a hospital website—and find out what else they're up to online.

Using keywords can help you understand your audience's needs

7 Reasons Why Keyword Phrases Aren't Dead for SEO and Content Marketing (Content Marketing Institute)

We've talked about the importance of using keyword phrases in your hospital's SEO strategy before, so we were happy to see this well-written piece on the topic. If you want to learn more about how keyword research can help you understand what healthcare consumers in your community want, contact us.

Facebook updated its news feed—you won't believe what happened next

Facebook's Latest News Feed Tweak Smothers Clickbait (Poynter)

People are tired of clickbait, and Facebook is responding. Its latest news feed update is designed to get rid of posts that leave out important information or exaggerate in order to get people to click. So if your hospital uses that type of strategy, take heed. This latest update doesn't just affect individual posts—repeat offenders may have all their content de-emphasized in the news feed.