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Click-worthy content: When less is more

Posted on: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In an era of social media and increasing competition for people's attention, it's tempting to hit the publish button more often and to add more features to your website. But, it turns out, these aren't necessarily the paths to success. Below you'll find some articles that make the case for focusing on simplicity and quality over quantity and excess.

Less is more on your hospital website

Simplicity Wins Over Abundance of Choice (Nielsen Norman Group)

Does your hospital's website have too much content? Cluttered navigation? These are common problems that can make the website difficult for people to use. This article from the Nielsen Norman Group offers a variety of examples of cases where giving people more options resulted in frustration, not increased satisfaction.

Putting quality first: A case study

The Talk of the Web: How The New Yorker Grew Its Digital Audience by Focusing on Quality (Poynter)

If you attended this year's Healthcare Internet Conference, you likely heard speakers talking about the importance of cutting excess content on your website.

This article from Poynter offers an interesting case study about focusing on quality content instead of quantity. The New Yorker's exact publishing model (15 new items a day) won't necessarily be right for your hospital. But the underlying message is one that's worth noting: Attract readers by creating quality content that you can be proud of.

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Keeping an eye on mobile search results

Five Things to Know About the Divergence of Mobile Search Results From Desktop Results (MarketingProfs)

The rise of mobile is one of the key drivers of a "less is more" philosophy on the web. If you want to reach a mobile audience, you need to deliver an excellent user experience and offer content that people really care about.

A key to mobile success is offering a website that is mobile-friendly. In 2015, this became even more important with Google's announcement that it would give preference to mobile-friendly sites in mobile searches.

This blog post offers a nice update of what's happened in mobile search since Google's changes took place and what to expect in the future.

Is your hospital website mobile-friendly? Learn more about options for making it so in this Coffey blog post.